Live Streaming Since 2013


Why Should I Live Stream My Memorial Service?

There are many reasons. There will always be someone who can not be there in person but will want to pay their respects. During these unprecedented times LIVE STREAM YOUR MEMORIAL helps families and friends honor their loved ones.

Will My Memorial Service Be Recorded?

Yes. We will share the final video and Condolence Book within 2 business days.

How Does A Memorial Live Stream Work For My Family And Friends?

It’s easy! Family and friends click the link to your Private Memorial page and they can now watch the service straight from any personal device (phone, computer, smart TV, etc.). Unlike other streaming services, you will not need to download an app, create an account, or log in to anything.

Do My Family And Friends Have To Pay For Anything? 

No! It’s completely free for them. They also do not need to log in, sign up, or download an app. They just click the URL that you send them, and they’re in!

My Sound Isn’t Working, Please Help!

Click play on the LIVE STREAM YOUR MEMORIAL video player. On the bottom of the video, make sure your sound symbol is not muted.

How Can I Make The Video Larger?

Click play on the LIVE STREAM YOUR MEMORIAL video player. On the bottom right of the video, choose the white box for full-screen.

What Devices Can I Watch From?

You can watch from any device with internet service. We recommend a computer or your smart TV, but a tablet or phone will also work.

Why Do I Only See A Photo?

We haven’t started the Memorial live stream yet. Sometimes services don’t start exactly on time. Please be patient.

If I Am Late Can I Still Watch?

Yes! Click play on the LIVE STREAM YOUR MEMORIAL video player and rewind back 30 minutes to view the live stream.

What Is A Online Condolence Book?

A place for your viewers to share their thoughts, well wishes and advice.

Do You Live Stream Other Events?

Yes! Live Streaming is great for other events, like weddings, mitzvah’s, corporate, graduations, or any event that requires one-way live streaming. Email us at for more info.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

DAK Media Productions / Live Stream Your Memorial has been live streaming events all over Florida since March 2013. We just didn’t add live streaming to our list of services because of Covid, it’s all we do. Trust your service to the company that was here before Covid and has 11 years of live streaming experience. Licensed and insured.